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Product Description

Leadax Original flashing is the world’s first lead replacement with the same look and feel of a traditional lead sheet. It is applied like lead, malleable like code 3 lead, and as strong as code 5 lead. Leadax Original is as strong as traditional lead, yet is very thin (118 mils) and 5x lighter than traditional code 5 lead weighing just 0.80 lb/ft² (3.85kg/m²).


Manufactured lead flashing replacement using recycled PVB (polyvinyl butyral, safety foil in glass) as its primary raw material. It can be 95% recycled after its useful life.


All types of roof materials; EPDM, bitumen, plastics, and metals.


  • Installs and works like traditional lead flashing
  • Extremely malleable, easy to shape around flashing areas and form sills using hands and/or tools
  • Withstands all weather conditions and temperature changes, no expansion and contraction, contains no heavy metals
  • Ideal application temperature is 40°F (5°C), below freezing -4°F (-20°C) is possible.
  • Installation friendly, nominal 20' (6m) rolls, in 2 widths: nominal 39", 20" (100cm, 50cm)
  • Installs up to 19.7ft (6m) without needing an overlap, when required, 3”(80mm) overlaps can be sealed using hot air or Leadax High-Tack Sealant, seams can also be welded and rolled
  • Compatible accessories available; scissors, lead dresser, pressure roller, high-tack sealant
  • Easily removed, recycled and reclaimed for new Leadax products

Popular Applications


Approvals and Certificates

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How to Buy

  • Leadax Original Flashing Roll

    Leadax Original Flashing Roll

    Part No.: 25106000
    Roll Dimensions: 39.3” x 19.7’ (100cm x 6m)
    Roll Weight: 39.3” 51 lbs (23.2 kg)
    Part No.: 25106500
    Roll Dimensions: 19.7” x 19.7’ (50cm x 6m)
    Roll Weight: 19.7” 25.5 lbs (11.6 kg)
    Single Roll 118 mils (3.0mm) thick
  • Leadax High-Tack Sealant

    Leadax High-Tack Sealant

    Part No.: 28000110
    High performance, strong adhesive sealant with a hybrid MS Polymer-base and a high initial adhesion. It forms a durable bond to tiles, slates, mortar, and brickwork.
    Size: 9.8 oz (290ml)
  • Leadax Scissors

    Leadax Scissors

    Part No.: 29000210
    Quickly and easily cut Leadax Original flashing to size with a pair of specialty designed Leadax scissors.
  • Leadax Dresser

    Leadax Dresser

    Part No.: 29000230
    Leadax Original flashing can be molded with a lead dresser.
  • Steel Pressure Roller

    Steel Pressure Roller

    Part No.: 29000220
    Mold Leadax Original flashing around roof tiles or difficult details. The steel pressure roller is a simple tool to ensure you get the best finish.
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How to Buy

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