Waterproof Flashing Material

  • Designed for use with VaproShield Sheet Membranes in Air Barrier and Weather Resistive Barrier applications
  • Formulated to bond without primers
  • Remains permeable with a waterproof surface
  • Allows same day installation of windows and doors
  • Skins-over in 30 minutes and dries in 4 hours at 70°F (21°C) and 50% relative humidity
  • Suitable for all climates and weather conditions

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VaproLiquiFlash VaproFlashingcropApply using professional caulking gun in a zigzag pattern when adhering mechanically attached VaproFlashing
176EditedSpread until all surfaces are completely covered and substrate below is no longer visible (approximately 12 to 15 wet mils).


VS 128 VaproLiquiFlash ROSequenceNailFlange 062316 VaproLiqui Flash Nail Flange detail for web exploded2


VS WrapSA Thumb 042617


VS Testing Thumb 042617

Overview (PDF)

VaproLiquiFlash Overview 060512 Page 1

Data Sheet (PDF)

WrapShield SA Self Adhered Product Data 111116 Page 1


VS 108 WrapShieldSA WindowToWallCommercial 041516


LiquiFlash Coverage 071813 1


vaproliquiflash sds thumb


WrapSA Install Instuctions 011017 Page 1

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VaproFlashing is simply the field membrane pre-cut into rolls of different sizes helping to save labor and reduce waste. VaproFlashing is used to cover membrane laps, flash around windows, rough openings and penetrations.

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