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LEED Accreditation

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VaproShield products support efforts towards achieving LEED certification in the Energy & Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental categories, including LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations (NC), LEED for Core & Shell, LEED for Existing Buildings (EB) and LEED for Homes. Below is information pertaining to all VaproShield Membranes for the applicable categories for LEED accreditation pursuits: 

  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content: 0% +/-
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content: 0% +/-
  • Recycled Content Information Source: Mfr.
  • Percent Compliant: 100% Recyclable
  • Harvest Distance: N/A or > 500 mi.
  • Manufacture Distance: N/A or > 500 mi.
  • Harvest/ Manufacture Location Info Source: Mfr.
  • VOC Content Adhesive: 0 g/l
  • VOC Content Membrane: 0%
  • VOC Content VaproBond: 80 g/l
  • VOC Content VaproLiqui-Flash: 30 g/l

If you have any additional questions regarding LEED, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero, or any other standard that we can help you achieve, please feel free to contact us directly at: 1-866-731-7663 option 5 or your local representative 

Living Building Challenge Declare Label

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VPS 0001 20 0430webVaproShield is proud to announce the WrapShield SA Self-Adhered System has qualified for a Declare label. WrapShield SA Self-Adhered System is the first water resistive barrier (WRB)/air barrier self-adhered sheet good membrane system to earn a Declare label placing the system at the forefront of the transparency movement.

VaproShield is honored to participate in the Living Building Challenge, a building certification program renowned for producing the “’greenest’ [buildings] anywhere.” Over the past few years VaproShield membranes have been regularly chosen to be part of buildings ready to take on the LBC pursuit of certification.

WrapShield IT Integrated Tape, WrapShield SA Self-Adhered WRB/Air Barriers and WallShield IT Integrated Tape WRB do not contain any Red List Chemicals as per the rigorous standards set forth by the LBC. The Red List denotes any chemicals, materials, and elements known to pose a threat to human health and its environmental surroundings.1

From its inception, VaproShield has been committed to providing environmentally sensible, affordable, and easy-to-install products.


Living Building Challenge Projects

Brock Environmental Center

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Treetop Hideaways


Potomac Watershed Study Center


Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

Omega GreenSource 7 041614