Comprehensive Mass Timber Moisture Protection

Having installed over one million square feet of SlopeShield Plus SA throughout the country, VaproShield has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in creating mass timber protection plans.

Minimize Moisture, Minimize Risk, Maximize Drying

As mass timber construction gains popularity, establishing a comprehensive moisture protection strategy is essential for both the construction phase and the long-term success of your building. As a general contractor, builder, or installer, you can prevent costly damage by using SlopeShield Plus SA: a high drying capacity self-adhered membrane. It offers dual benefits: simultaneously protecting and drying your mass timber structure.  Wet Mass Timber WebImage 01
  A comprehensive moisture protection strategy is needed to avoid checking, staining, dimensional changes which can lead to compromised structural values.

SlopeShield Plus SA Drying Study

Conducted by RDH Building Science Labratories

Proven to Protect in the Field

SlopeShield Plus SA Protection Benefits

  • Resists bulk water intrusion
  • High drying capacity: 30 perms
  • Permanent installation works in conjunction with acoustical mat and concrete topping slab
  • Apply in wet or freezing weather
  • Tough and durable to tools and machinery
  • Excellent traction, slip resistant
  • Six month UV and climate exposure
  • Monolithically covers seams, splines
  • Integrates with VaproShield's wall membranes for post/column and beam protection


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 SlopeShield Plus SA even handles ponding water which can be easily swept away.

UMass Amherst 26

Over 600,000 sq.ft. of SlopeShield Plus SA monolithically covers seams and splines offering both temporary and permanent protection.


VS Micron Project 67

Durable to foot traffic and heavy equipment, SlopeShield Plus SA can withstand 6 months UV and climate exposure.

VS Knoxville Baseball 156

Applied in the factory, SlopeShield Plus SA doubled as a robust protection during transport and mitigated moisture damage during installation, all while simultaneously drying the mass timber through moisture vapor diffusion.

UMass Amherst 59

WallShield IT (green) temporarily protects beams and framework during construction from moisture infiltration, UV damage, wood discoloration, and is easily removed at the end of the project to showcase the beauty of the wood structure.

Tough and Durable

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End grains are especially susceptible to water intrusion. By allowing SlopeShield Plus SA to overhang the structure, end grains are protected when water is squeegeed from the deck after and during rain events.

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 By protecting the interior floors with SlopeShield Plus SA, work can commence on the lower floors helping to keep the project on schedule.

Factory Installation: Easy and Practical

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