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Experience Unparalleled Air And Water Holdout Protection

Air and water infiltration, resulting in mold, mildew, and energy loss, have challenged homeowners, builders, and designers over the years. Your finished siding is just the visible element of a comprehensive system that protects your home. VaproShield’s high tech air and water barrier membranes, for walls and roofs, replace antiquated, low tech housewraps. By investing in superior air and water holdout protection during the construction phase, you will be safeguarding your living space for years to come.

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An enemy of any home is air leakage and moisture infiltration. Similar to Gore-Tex ®, VaproShield membranes stop air leakage provide exceptional water holdout and breathability, mitigating mold and reducing energy costs for the life of the home. Proper detailing around window rough openings is key to reducing moisture damage. VaproShield’ s high performance flashing products are designed and tested to work together, helping reduce contractor liability and homeowner repair costs. Installing a drainage matrix, battens, or shims, leaves a small air flow cavity behind the cladding, allowing residual water to drain away from your home. Plus, water vapor passing from the inside to the outside can diffuse through the air cavity. The practice is called rain screen design, it’ s a proven method to keep the wall assembly dry.
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SlopeShield Plus SA vapor permeable air barrier roofing underlayment blocks air infiltration yet allows moisture to flow through and evaporate, instead of remaining trapped in the roofing materials. It can be used together with ice and water shield. The world’ s most sustainable lead replacement flashing can now protect your home. Leadax has the same look and feel of a traditional lead sheet, but it is made from safety glass foil and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. Delays are a normal part of building these days. VaproShield membranes can be safely exposed (no cladding or roofing material) to Mother Nature’ s wrath for 6-12 months. Proven to withstand hurricanes to arctic blasts, VaproSheld membranes allow interior work.

Secure Your Home's Future

Builder and Owner Benefits:

  • Reduces moisture-related proble(mold, mildew, rot) in wall and roof cavities by allowing vapor and moisture to escape instead of being trapped in the wall/roof
  • Promotes a healthy home environment by keeping allergens outside of the home
  • Saves energy by installing a continuous air barrier around the home (roof and walls)
  • Standard twenty (20) year warranty on all membranes
  • Extremely durable and wind resistant, reducing tears, repairs, and re-installation
  • Compatible with multiple substrates and cladding systems such as; plywood, OSB, stone, stucco, brick, and lap siding
  • Sustains 6-12 months of climate and UV exposure before final cladding or roofing materials
  • First class fire rating and water holdout properties, passing stringent commercial tests

The Most Important Products are NOT Visible

Residential Icons

Wall/Roof Assembly Examples

Stucco/Stone/Brick Veneer

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Ideal for stucco, brick, lap siding, and stone, the RainScreen SA mesh drains residual moisture away from your home drastically reducing the chances of mold growth and interior wall deterioration.

 Conventional Siding

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After your siding, the second line of defense to air and moisture infiltration is an air and weather resistive membrane. By using PanelShield SA, you can elevate your home’ s defense against moisture intrusion and take a step toward a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable living space.


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Open joint facades, such as reclaimed wood, require the air barrier to be 100% UV stable, with no fading or color change over time. RevealShield SA has over a decade of proven performance behind open joint facades and offers exceptional fire resistance, that are the rival of the industry.


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Your roof, the most important protective element of your home, deserves the best protection. SlopeShield SA Plus, breathable underlayment,offers high quality moisture protection in all climates, protecting against mold and mildew buildup.


Over 5,000 square feet of VaproShield materials were installed on a modest three-bedroom, one-bath Queen Anne Victorian in the heart of the desirable Pier neighborhood, just steps from the beach in Narragansett, RI. At purchase, the 1887 home was in severely poor condition with rot, deterioration, and structural damage. The new homeowners opted to restore it and work with Sweenor Builders plus follow the Historic Commission guidelines, all while documenting the renovation as seen on THIS OLD HOUSE®.

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This Old House Seaside Victorian Cottage in Narragansett Rhode Island 22 web This Old House Seaside Victorian Cottage in Narragansett Rhode Island 24 web

The roofing underlayment solution included both SlopeShield Plus SA Self-Adhered and VaproMat. Together this combination will promote air flow under the cedar shingles helping to extend the life of the roof.

WrapShield SA Self-Adhered membrane was chosen as the wall air and water resistive barrier solution. Because WrapShield SA is both breathable and air tight it stops air leakage and provides exceptional water holdout and breathability promoting a healthy home environment.

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