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Approvals and Testing

Tensile Strength ASTM D882

MD - 5.45 N/mm (31.1 lb/in)
XMD - 5.22 N/mm (29.8 lb/in)

Water Resistance AATCC 127

Control - No leakage
Weathered - No Leakage

Water Vapor Transmission

ASTM E398 as per ASTM E96*

(Water Method)

142.56 Perm (grain/h•ft2•inchHg)
8156 ng/Pa•s•m2
(23°C 50 %RH)
Low Temp Flexibility AC38, Section 3.3.4 PASS
Weathering AC38, Section 4.1 PASS

Fire Testing

Assembly Fire Test NFPA 285

Contact VaproShield
Technical Team
1-866-731-7663 opt.5

Flamespread Index ASTM E84 0 – Class A
Smoke Developed Index ASTM E84 65 – Class A

*ASTM E 96 - Method B (wet cup method) typically gives a more realistic result for permeance of highly permeable products than does the Method A (dry cup/desiccant method).