VaproSilicone Transition Materials


VaproSilicone Transition Materials are 100% translucent silicone specifically designed to provide a water and air tight transition of WRB/Air Barrier membranes for expansion joints, curtain walls, store fronts and window transitions.

  • 100% translucent silicone elastomer sheet
  • High movement capacity
  • Extremely durable and tear resistant
  • Provides air and water tight seal


  • Provides an air and water tight seal where sealants and backer rods cannot
  • High movement capability of +200/-50 percent
  • Remains flexible under extreme temperatures
  • Highly tear resistance
  • Excellent weatherability; UV stable
  • Usable over a wide temperature range-- -50 ° to 300 °F (-45° to 149 °C)
  • Translucent material clearly reveals the complete bonding of VaproBond sealant to the substrate, eliminating the need for mechanical fastening

Typical Uses

VaproSiliconeTransitionFloorLineWeb081017Floor Line Movement Joint—use a combination of VaproBond sealant and VaproSilicone Transition Sheet between floors to accommodate floor line movement joints.

 VaproSiliconeTransitionCurtainWallWeb081017Curtain Wall Movement Joint —VaproSilicone Transition Materials create a continuous seal, without reverse laps, to accommodate natural building movement.




Overview (PDF)

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