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Breathable and Airtight Air Barrier Membranes

Protect your building envelope by letting vapor pass through (breathable), but not air or water.

Energy Savings 

Air is expensive to treat. Owners must heat and cool air so stopping air movement, in and out of the building, using an air barrier, saves energy for the life of the building.

Moisture Management

A building has to battle constant moisture infiltration from occupants and Mother Nature, so having an Air Barrier that offers a high drying capacity
mitigates moisture damage within the building envelope and allows building materials to dry out.

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Complete Air Barrier System 

VaproShield’s breathable airtight field membranes; rough opening flashing materials and rain screen design components are designed and tested to work together—reducing your liability for potential expensive moisture-related repairs. The solution-based approach to the building envelope offers benefits for Building Owners, General Contractors and Installers.


lower installation cost, less inventory, minimal training


apply in extreme conditions, use common job site tools


install a single Air Barrier system


zero VOC’s, no toxins, no special equipment

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Simplified Air Barrier System

The VaproShield Air Barrier System was designed to maximize profitability plus minimize inventory and field training. The self-adhering field membranes require no primers, joint/gap fillers or tapes—eliminating the need for time intensive substrate and rough opening preparation.

Nearly 99% of installers reuse our products on their next jobs because managing only two SKU’s in the field improves labor estimates and drastically reduces installation time.

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Works With Your Substrate and Cladding

VaproShield membranes work on virtually all substrates; gypsum, plywood,extruded/molded polystyrene insulation, concrete block, and mineral wool.

Diverse cladding and multiple insulation materials — easy enough — VaproShield membranes offer proven compatibility.

  • Open Joint Facades
  • Fiber Cement
  • ACM
  • Stucco 
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Mineral Wool 


Extreme Durability

Fully exposed [no cladding] VaproShield membranes have been proven durable in the most extreme conditions – hurricanes, arctic blasts and frigid northern temperatures. Architects, consultants, owners and contractors were relieved to see the membrane still intact after severe weather damaged other materials onsite.

All Climate Construction

Noted as the most Phase Construction Friendly Air Barrier in the industry, VaproShield membranes can help keep your construction schedule on track. Easily installed in virtually all weather conditions, including below freezing temperatures.

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Best In Class


ASTM E2357 compliant in multiple assembles, Class A fire rating, 20 year material warranty, sustains 180 days UV and climate exposure


VaproShield membranes have been successfully included in numerous NFPA 285 assembly tests. It’s important to understand that NFPA 285 is a full-scale, two-story, exterior wall assembly test, measuring fire characteristics of all the applicable building materials in the assembly not just a single component like the WRB. The ASTM E84 test measures the surface burning flame spread and smoke developed of an individual material. All VaproShield membranes are ASTM E84, Class A rated.

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Innovation Leads To Savings

With material and labor the VaproShield Air Barrier System offers up to 50% savings compared to major competitors.

Since we have eliminated the labor intensive job of primer application, joint and corner taping/masking – VaproShield is the proven winner!

Millions of sq.ft. have been installed throughout North America and multiple national construction projects have chosen VaproShield’s Air Barrier System.

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What About The Frog? 

VaproShield membranes were inspired by a frog’s permeable, breathable skin, so we have always been green.

Our membranes are built to make sustainability intuitive. They contain zero VOC’s and do not require toxic/flammable primers, making them safe to transport, handle and install.

VaproShield performs voluntary audits and our transparency paid off. We were awarded the coveted Declare Label for the WrapShield SA Self-Adhered System, placing VaproShield at the forefront of the transparency movement.