RainScreen SA



Quick Overview 

Rainscreen SA Matrix Penny 032521 webTwo rainscreen drainage matrix options, 3mm and 7mm, offer cost saving options and work with conventional siding, stucco, stone, trim, and windows.A self-adhered Air Barrier (AB) Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) with built-in rainscreen drainage matrix

  • One Step Air Barrier WRB Rainscreen Cavity Installation
  • Factory-bonded Drainage Matrix (3mm or 7mm)
  • Drainage Matrix Created Unimpeded Vertical Drainage Plane
  • Aggressive Adhesive, Bonds Multiple Substrates including OSB
  • Bonds Without Primer
  • Zero VOCs
  • 60 Days UV and Climate Exposure before Final Cladding is Installed
  • High Drying Capacity: 25 perms, Allows Building Materials to Dry Out
  • Installs as an Air Barrier Increasing Energy Efficiency


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Preventing Mold and Mildew

Complete Building Envelope System

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Rough Opening Flashing Options

The following rough opening flashing components can be used:

CanShield A1 Image 01 VaproLiqui-Flash
CanShield A2 Image 01 BlockFlashing or WrapFlashing - is a non-permeable tape flashing.
CanShield A3 Image 01 VaproBond

Popular Applications

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Reduce the incidence of moisture related damage with the all in-one air barrier, WRB rainscreen system, RainScreen SA, behind the cladding system. Create an essential drainage matrix behind stucco by installing RainScreen SA. No change to design or installation practices is required.


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