VaproShim SA Self-Adhered


  • Creates unimpeded drainage plane in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Seals fastener penetrations/air and water tested ASTM E-331
  • Increased drying capacity
  • Zero VOCs
  • All weather application
  • Adds minimal thickness to wall assembly
  • No compatibility restrictions
  • Adds thermal break
  • UV resistant (open joint cladding option)




VaproShim SA™ Self-Adhered Neoprene/EPDM accessory used under horizontal or vertical cladding attachment components creates the desired vertical rain screen drainage plane for cladding, while sealing fastener penetrations. This simple design adds minimal cost while adding substantial drying capacity to the building envelope.

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VaproShim SA Self-Adhered adhered to hat channel. When installed, VaproShim SA will seal fastener penetrations and create a vertical rain screen drainage plane, adding significant drying capacity to the building envelope.

VaproShim RainScreenCavity Illustration 122216 Universally compatible, simple design, VaproShim SA Self-Adhered creates a vertical rain screen drainage plane, increasing the building envelope drying capacity.

Overview (PDF)

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pdf Data Sheet (PDF) (1.36 MB)

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pdf SDS (PDF) (151 KB)

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Submittal Library

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Technical Overview
Property Value
Material Neoprene / EPDM
Temperature Range -30° to 200°F (-34° to 93°C)
Durometer Hardness 80±5
Tensile Strength 750 PSI
Elongation 250°
Product Information
Color Availability Black
Sizes 1" width x 4" length x 1/4 " thick
1" width x 4" length x 1/8 " thick