VS FlashingWindow  


VS Flashing 1  Flash with pre-cut membrane

VS Flashing 2  Install Flashing Material suited to application

Self-Adhered WRB Air Barrier Wall Flashing

WrapFlashingSA Image 01 RevealFlashingSA Image 01 RSFlashingSARoll web
Roll Sizes: 11 ¾ or 19 2/3” x 164’
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Roll Size: 11 ¾” x 102’ 
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Roll Size: 298mm x 50m (11 ¾” x 164’)
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canflashing rollweb    
Roll Size: 11 ¾” x 102’ 
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Air, Water and Vapor Barrier Self-Adhered Flashing

BlockFlashing Image 01
Roll Size: 6.5", 11¾", or 14" x 100'
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Self-Adhered Vapor Permeable Roof Flashing

SlopeFlashing Image 01
Roll Size: 19 2/3" x 102'
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VS Flashing 2Choose rough opening material:

  hagen 181214 0070 EditedNoBgVaproLiqui-Flash BlockFlashing Roll 14 web BlockFlashing  hagen 160813 0069 Edited NoBgVaproBond hagen 160413 0027 Edited NoBGVapro-SS Flashing
Application Tempature
35°F to 110°F (1.7°C to 43°C) 0°F to 180°F (-18°C to 82°C) 20°F to 120°F (-6.7°C to 49°C) 20°F to 120°F (-6.7°C to 49°C)
DryingDrying Capacity
High None Low None
Sausage Gun /
Putty Knife or Brush 
Utility Knife / J-Roller Sausage Gun / Putty Knife Utility Knife / J-Roller