Approvals and Testing

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0.02" (0.51 mm) (20 mil)

Membrane Weight

447 g/m2 (1.46 oz/ft2)

Roll Weight (with release film)

Full-Width Roll: 50.6 lbs (23.0 kg) (1.56 oz ft2)

Half-Width Roll: 25 lbs (11kg) (1.56 oz ft2)

Roll Dimensions

Full-Width Roll: 59” x 102’ (1.5 m x 31.1 m)

Half-Width Roll: 29.5"" x 102' (749mm x 31.1m)

Roll Coverage

Full-Width Roll: 500 ft2 (46.6 m2) gross

Half-Width Roll: 250 ft2 (23.3 m2) gross


No Primer Required



Exposure Before Permanent Roofing Materials

180 days (6 months)

Minimum Application Temperature

20°F (-6°C)

Service Temperature

minus 40°F (-40°C) - 250ºF (121ºC)


20 year material warranty






Dry Breaking Force (Grab method) Percent Elongation

ASTM D5034 Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test)

MD – 31%

XMD – 40%

Dry Breaking Force (Grab method) MD ≥40 XMD ≥35

ASTM D5034 Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test)

MD – 23.6 N/mm (135 lbf/in.)

XMD – 19.8 N/mm (113 lbf/in.)

Tensile Strength

ASTM D2523 Standard Practice for Testing Load-Strain Properties of Roofing Membranes

MD – 2.8 N/mm (16 lbf/in)

XMD – 1.4 N/mm (8 lbf/in)

Percent Elongation

ASTM D2523 Standard Practice for Testing Load-Strain Properties of Roofing Membranes

MD – 36 % XMD – 40 %

Puncture Resistance

ASTM E154 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Earth Under Concrete Slabs, on Walls, or as Ground Cover

Puncture Strength 636 N (143 lbf)

Peak Deflection 43.4 mm (1.71 in)

Tear Resistance (Tongue Tear)

ASTM D5601 Standard Test Method for Tearing Resistance of Roofing and Waterproofing Materials and Membranes

MD – 70.3 N (15.8 lbf)

XMD – 64.5 N (14.5 lbf)

Tear Resistance (Tongue Tear)

ASTM D4073 Standard Test Method for Tensile-Tear Strength of Bituminous Roofing Membranes

MD – 427 N (96.1 lbf)

XMD – 273 N (61.3 lbf)

Low Temperature Flexibility @ -45.6°C (-50°F)

ASTM D5147 Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Modified Bituminous Sheet Material



Static Puncture Resistance

ASTM D5602 Standard Test Method for Static Puncture Resistance of Roofing Membrane Specimens

PASS Concrete 445 N (100 lbf)

PASS Insulfoam IX 222 N (50 lbf)

Water Vapor Transmittance

Water Ponding Test

AC 48 Acceptance Criteria for Self-Adhered Roof Underlayments for use as Ice Barriers. Section 4.4 Water-Ponding Test

Three control specimens and three aged specimens are prepared. a 2" diameter (51mm) cylindrical tube with a 24" (610mm) height of distilled water is sealed onto the specimen surface for a period of 48 hours. The drop in the water column from the original 24" (610mm) height is to be reported in hudredths of an inch. The presence of any moisture on specimens shall be reported. PASS

Water Vapor Transmission Water Method

22.8°C (73°F) 50%RH

ASTM E96 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials

30 Perm (grain/h•ft2•inchHg)

1716 ng/Pa•s•m2

Water Vapor Transmission Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement

23°C (73.4°F) 50%RH

ASTM E398 Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Sheet Materials Using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement

30 Perm (grain/h•ft2•inchHg)

1716 ng/Pa•s•m2

Adhesion Testing

Lap Adhesion

ASTM D1876 Standard Test Method for Peel Resistance of Adhesives (T-Peel Test)

437 N/m (2.5 pli)

Delamination (Tear-drop)

FM 4470, C.2 Single-Ply, Polymer-Modified Bitumen Sheet, Built-Up Roof (BUR) and Liquid Applied Roof Assemblies for use in Class 1 and Noncombustible Roof Deck Construction Appendix H Test Procedure for Small Scale QC and Physical Properties of Roof System Assemblies

Concrete - 24 N (5.4 lbf)
Plywood - 28 N (6.4 lbf)
Galvanized Steel - 59 N (13.2 lbf)
ACFoam II - 24 N (5.3 lbf)
ACFoam III - 32 N (7.3 lbf)
Insulfoam IX - 23 N (5.1 lbf)
Styrofoam™ High Load 60 - 41 N (9.3 lbf)
Dens Deck Prime Roof board - 24 N (5.5 lbf)
Securock® Gypsum-FiberRoof Board - 35 N (7.8 lbf)

Tensile Adhesion

Testing Application Standard (TAS) No. 114-95, Test Procedures for Roof System Assem- blies, in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone Jurisdiction

INSTA STICK™ - 2848 N (640.3 lbf)
OlyBond500™ - 2580 N (580 lbf)
Millennium One Step™ - 3821 N (858.9 lbf)
Millennium PG-1 Pump Grade - 4355 N (979 lbf)
CR-20 - 3354 N (754 lbf)

Peel Adhesion

ASTM D903 Standard Test Method for Peel or Stripping Strength of Adhesive Bonds

Concrete 438 N/m (2.5 pli)
Plywood 876 N/m (5.0 pli)
Galvanized steel 946 N/m (5.4 pli)

Air Resistance Testing

Air Permeance

ASTM E2178 @75 Pa Standard Test Method for Air Permeance of Building Materials

0.00437 L/(s x m²) @ 75 Pa
(0.00086 cfm/ft² @ 1.57 psf)

Water Resistance Testing

Nail Sealability

ASTM D1970/ section 7.9 Standard Specification for Self-Adhering Polymer Modified Bituminous Sheet Materials Used as Steep Roofing Underlayment for Ice Dam Protection ASTM D7349 Standard Test Method for Determining the Capability of Roofing and Water- proofing Materials to Seal around Fasteners

PASS - Review Fastener Penetration Technical Bulletin

Water Ponding ICC-ES AC48 Acceptance Criteria for Self-Adhered Roof Underlayments for use as Ice Barriers. PASS

Fire Testing

Flame Spread
Smoke Developed

ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

Class A
Flame Spread 5
Smoke Developed 45

Cone Calorimeter Testing Data

ASTM E1354

Time to ignition: 23 sec
Flame Duration: 51 sec
Ave. Effective Heat of Combustion: 6.6 kJ/kg Ave. HRR at 60 sec: 89 kW/m2
Ave. HRR at 180 sec: 14
Peak HRR: 156 kW/m2
Time of Peak: 49
Total HRR/A: 7.4 MJ/m2

UL UL790 Test Method of Fire Tests for Roof Coverings, CAN/ULC-S107 PASS

Approvals and Certificates

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