Stucco and Stone

The Problem: Stucco is Highly Susceptible to Moisture Damage


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Air Barrier Codes Complicate Stucco Assembly Drying

The introduction of air barrier codes has the potential to further exacerbate the problem by changing the dynamics of the stucco assembly.

The drying capacity of a non-rainscreen stucco installation is limited by the air barrier energy codes, plus the addition of continuous exterior insulation further complicates the conventional stucco assembly.

The addition of continuous exterior insulation further complicates the conventional stucco assembly.  


The Solution: Affordable WRB and Drainage Plane

VaproShield offers a first-class air barrier and drainage plane behind stucco.  Easily works with traditional stucco/stone systems – no change to design or installation practice is required.


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1. Prevents reverse vapor drive by diffusing vapor pressure.
2. Properly drains moisture away from the building structure.
3. Dramatically increases the lifespan of the stucco wall assembly by promoting rapid drying of the building envelope.
4. Meets air barrier code requirements.
A Luxury Residence Suffered Extensive Moisture Damage

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Over 5,000 sq. ft of WrapShield RS Rain Screen 3mm was installed in the remediation of a high-end Texas residence that suffered significant water intrusion and damage as a result of a failed exterior stucco system. Shortly after purchase and just prior to occupancy by a new owner, a sprinkler line in the ceiling of the second-floor kitchen ruptured--flooding the north end of the luxury home  

Issues Discovered:

  • Biological growth on the interior face of the exterior walls behind the casework

  • Deteriorated wall studs and sheathing

  • Decayed floor sheathing

  • Lack of drainage cavity behind stucco

  • Improper Flashing and drainage mechanisms

  • Inadequate weather barrier and detailing

  • Three failed window units in need of replacement


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WrapShield RS Rain Screen was selected as the material of choice, due to its built-in rain screen drainage matrix and ease of installation

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VaproShield’s Technical Team was instrumental in providing timely and proactive material and interface recommendations and support to the builder for the successful implementation and best practices of their unique WrapShield RS Rain Screen

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