WrapShield RS Rain Screen


A mechanically attached, water resistive (WRB) vapor permeable air barrier (AB) membrane with built-in rain screen drainage matrix and integrated tape at the horizontal seams.

• One Step WRB/AB Rain Screen Cavity Installation
• Factory Installed Integrated Tape at Horizontal Seams
• Built-in 3mm or 7mm Drainage Matrix Options
• Creates Unimpeded Vertical Drainage Plane Behind Cladding
• High Drying Capacity Allows Building Materials to Dry Out
• Installs as an Air Barrier Increasing Energy Efficiency
• Compatible with Multiple Veneers
• 3mm option offers minimalist rain screen cavity ideal for stucco
• All Season, All Weather Installation

Complete Rain Screen and Flashing System

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Overview (PDF)

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pdf Data Sheet (PDF) (2.44 MB)

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document Specs (Doc) (46 KB)

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pdf SDS (PDF) (227 KB)

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Submittal Library

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