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Conventional Reroof Practices

Convention Roof assembly Conventional Roofing tear off
A typical low slope roof consists of a roof covering, insulation layer, and structural deck leading to trapped moisture within the roof assembly. Conventional roofing practices call for the removal of the entire roof assembly which leads to disruptions for occupants and increased overall cost.

Reduce, Reuse, Renew

Reduce Capital Investment, Reuse Materials, Renew, and be Code Compliant

Reduce Reuse Renew 01 Reduce Reuse Renew 02 Reduce Reuse Renew 03 Reduce Reuse Renew 04
Tear off aged roof covering. Install SlopeShield Plus SA allowing damp substrates to dry. Work continues on reroofing with robust weather protection installed. Building remains occupied. Install new insulation layer and roof covering.

How SlopeShield Plus SA Dries Damp Substrates

SlopeShield Plus SA Drying Animation

Proving Substrate Drying: Case Study

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SlopeShield Plus SA allowed the double plywood roof deck to dry out over a period of approx. 45 days. The closed cell foam acted as a vapor barrier, negating any downward drying. Only upward moisture movement through SlopeShield Plus SA could take place.

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The Results

Reducing Captial Investment

Challenge Solution Newark

Minimizing Occupant Disruption

Challenge Solution Condo

Challenge: Reroof, reduce labor and capital investment, keep the terminal functional.

Solution: SlopeShield Plus SA allowed:

  • the terminal to remain open without a single leak
  • reuse of remaining roofing layers, drying damp materials below
  • heavy foot traffic and machinery on the roof during final PVC roof installation

These benefits reduced overall project costs for owners and contractors.

Challenge: Reroof overburdened vegetative green roof without displacing condo residents on two stories.

Solution: SlopeShield Plus SA allowed:

  • residents to remain in their condos during the entire reroof
  • highly saturated plywood and insulation layers to be dried out, reused and diverted from the landfill

Owners saved valuable HOA monies for additional improvement projects.

Code Compliance and Energy Efficiency

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Meeting/Exceeding Standards: VaproShield products are meticulously engineered to meet and exceed the standards set forth in IECC and IBC. Our high-quality air barrier and permeable vapor retarder membranes safeguard compliance with these codes, guaranteeing the highest quality and adherence to the regulations. Energy Efficiency: As a code compliant air barrier, SlopeShield Plus SA enhances energy efficiency in the roofing system by minimizing heat transfer and reducing reliance on the HVAC system, significantly contributing to energy savings for the life of the building.

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