hagen 160813 0111 editweb2VaproBond™ is a single component 100% silicone sealant used to bind layers of VaproShield membranes to each other or typical construction material surfaces. It can also be used as a liquid-applied flashing component with metal framing systems.

  • UV stable, black silicone sealant and all-weather flashing material
  • Binds layers of VaproShield membranes and other typical construction materials
  • Creates watertight and airtight details
  • Applies in -20° (-6° C) and above
  • No primers, easy to gun and apply


  • No primer, easy to gun and apply, offers excellent weatherability
  • Allows for liquid flashing in below freezing temperatures
  • Binds layers of VaproShield membranes to each other and other building materials, creates a watertight, airtight seal
  • Simplifies process of producing watertight, airtight details
  • Remains flexible and pliable in extreme temperatures
  • UV stable, black silicone-based adhesive sealant
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM-C- 920 type S, Grade NS, Class 25
  • Flashing Coverage: 8 ft2/sausage
  • Sealant: 100 lin.ft/sausage

Typical Uses: Sealant

Sealant Image webUse VaproBond adhesive sealant to create a watertight, airtight seal at the vertical seams when installing VaproShield mechanically attached WRB/Air Barriers.

1 Sausage = 100 lin.ft.

Window Sealant webA. Fully embed head flashing (by others) in VaproBond over Vapro-SS Flashing™.
B. Seal rough opening corners with a bead of VaproBond.

For all penetrations: tool VaproBond evenly at least 2” onto the face and at least 1” out along all sides of the penetration

Typical Uses: Flashing

VaproBond Flashing Components 1017171. WrapFlashing SA Self-Adhered (W: 6 ½”, 11 ¾”, 19 2/3”) is pre-cut field membrane. Simply cut WrapFlashing SA into appropriate lengths and apply to face and inside of rough opening. Saves labor, saves time, convenient.

2. Create waterproof interface by applying VaproBond to inside of rough opening and 1" on face.

1 Sausage = 8 sq.ft. Flashing Coverage

Typical Uses: Repair

Repair Detail VaproBond Step 1Membrane hole prior to repair Repair Detail VaproBond Step 2Patch hole with WrapShield SA
Repair Detail VaproBond Step 3Apply VaproBond at a minimum 3/8” bond line to reverse lapped membrane Repair Detail VaproBond Step 4Tool sealant with DRY joint knife, trowel, or spatula


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WrapFlashing is simply the field membrane pre-cut into rolls of different sizes helping to save labor and reduce waste. WrapFlashing is used to cover membrane laps, flash around windows, rough openings and penetrations.

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