Vapro-SS Flashing


Multi-purpose self-adhered flashing that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Watertight bond
  • Fire resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Low temperature application
  • Use with all VaproShield materials
  • Through-wall flashing for masonry and stone
  • Transition membrane
  • Rough opening flashing





Rough Opening Application

VS Detail129 Vapro SS Flashing Exploded 021720

1. WrapFlashing SA Self-Adhered applied directly to sheathing + folded 2.75" inside of rough opening

2. Vapro-SS Flashing installed in shingle fashion (sill, jambs, head) with bead of VaproBond at corners

3. Window installation and sealant joints + backer rod (by others)

4. Head flashing (by others) over Vapro-SS Flashing + embedded in VaproBond

Through-Wall Application

VS 113 VaproSSFlashing ShelfAngle ILLUSTRATION 031616a


Parapet Application

VS 117 WrapShieldSA ParapetInside 100317



VS WrapSA Thumb 042617


VS Testing Thumb 042617

Overview (PDF)

VaproSS Flashing Overview 060216 Page 1

pdf Data Sheet (PDF) (1.18 MB)

WrapShield SA Self Adhered Product Data 111116 Page 1


VS 108 WrapShieldSA WindowToWallCommercial 041516


WrapSA Install Instuctions 011017 Page 1

pdf SDS (PDF) (25 KB)

wallshield msds Page 1

Submittal Library

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WrapFlashing is simply the field membrane pre-cut into rolls of different sizes helping to save labor and reduce waste. WrapFlashing is used to cover membrane laps, flash around windows, rough openings and penetrations.

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