SlopeShield Diagram WebImage 01SlopeShield Plus SA is a self-adhering, water shedding, vapor-permeable roofing underlayment. It protects roof assembly materials by allowing vapor to pass through (breathable) while concurrently blocking liquid water and air - mitigating costly moisture damage and saving energy for the life of the building.A highly vapor permeable roofing underlayment Air Barrier (AB) material

  • SlopeShield Plus SA can be installed on:
    • Steep slope roofs of 2:12 (9.46 degrees) or greater
    • Low slope roofs below 2:12
    • Lightweight concrete decks new and re-roof
    • Structural concrete roof decks new and re-roof
    • Mass timber roof deck/floor deck as the structure is erected
  • Promotes Long Term Drying of Roofing Assembly Through Vapor Diffusion
  • Breathable and Airtight, with Exceptional Water and Air Holdout
  • Primerless Installation
  • High Drying Capacity (Vapor Permeability, 30 Perms)
  • Long exposure times, 6 months (180 days) UV and Climate Exposure Prior to Roof System Installation
  • Tough, Durable, and Slip Resistant—With Excellent Traction for Installers
  • Factory Made Rolled Good with Consistent Millage Thickness
  • Suitable for All Climates and Geographic Locations, Including Extreme Temperature Areas
  • 20 Year Material Warranty

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Typical Compact Roof: Apply SlopeShield SA Plus to top of thermal board.

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Lightweight Concrete Deck: Apply SlopeShield Plus SA directly to concrete roof deck.


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Structural Concrete Deck: SlopeShield Plus SA can be applied over green concrete or over a damp existing concrete roof deck provided the surface complies with a bull float finish or better.

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Re-Roofing: Installing SlopeShield Plus SA on new thermal board applied over existing insulation allows for the drying and reuse of existing insulation.

Re-Roofing Applications

Reroof New Jersey Image

Newark Liberty International Airport, Terminal C Roof Replacement


Tampa Airport

Steep Slope Roofing Applications 

Standing Seam Metal Roof Images

Standing Seam Metal Roof

SlateRoof Image v2Resized

Slate Roof

Cedar Shingles Vapromat Image v3resized

Cedar Shingles/Shakes with VaproMat Drainage Matrix

Residential v2resized


Mass Timber Protection

Masstimber OverviewImage

SlopeShield Plus SA


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Taped Splines

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Install SlopeShield Plus SA over mass timber roof deck/floor deck to protect it from moisture intrusion and construction damage.

SlopeShield Plus SA protects mass timber from bulk water intrusion and concurrently dries mass timber through moisture vapor diffusion.

Alternative protection such as taped splines will leak and less durable lower perm sheet goods offer little to no drying capacity resulting in water damage and mold.

  Learn More About Mass Timber Moisture Protection Strategies

Compatible Roof Deck Substrates and Applications

  • Gypsum/Fiber Roof Sheathing Boards
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Concrete
  • Plywood
  • Mass Timber
  • Pre-painted Steel
  • Galvanized Metal
  • Aluminum (Painted/Mill Finish)
  • Compact roof decks with rigid insulation
  • Steel decks
  • Plywood and wood decks

Roof Materials

  • Metal Roofing
  • Cedar Shingles/Shakes with VaproMat™
  • Slate and Tile
  • Metal - Class A roof assembly with 1/4" thermal board
  • Tile - Class A no thermal board

Approvals and Certificates

Florida Product Approval FL41811 Image FMApproved US 01 UL Black Logo Horizontal NemoLogo WithText


Roofing Underlayment DIV 7 Specs

Water Barrier Protection for Mass Timber DIV 6 Specs


Moisture Protection for Mass Timber DIV 1 Specs


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