CanShield VP


wrapsacropped350x385CanShield VP’s aggressive adhesive ensures membrane adhesion on multiple substrates including plywood, OSB, gypsum sheathing, concrete and steel. Six month climate exposure before cladding installation. A vapour permeable, self-adhered, water-resistive air barrier

  • Creates a water resistive air barrier when applied outside of the wall sheathing
  • Approved CAN/ULC S741- 08, CAN/ULC S742-11
  • Approved ASTM E2178 /ASTM E2357 air barrier tests
  • Approved CAN/ULC S102
  • Superb drying capacity, 25 perms
  • Installation temperature -6.6°C (20°F) and rising
  • Aggressive adhesive firmly grips to OSB and other common substrates
  • Made from multiple layers of spun-bonded polypropylene fabric
  • 6 months UV and climate exposure prior to cladding installation
  • Used for transitions, rough openings, fenestrations, and full-wall applications
  • Fire Rated, Class A to ASTM E 84
  • 20 year warranty




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Complete Vapour Permeable Air Barrier System


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Rough Opening Flashing Options

The following rough opening flashing can be used:

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VaproLiqui-Flash - is a liquid applied waterproof flashing material for window and door interfaces.

CanShield A2 Image 01 VaproBlock Flashing - is a non-permeable tape flashing.
CanShield A3 Image 01 VaproBond - is a 100% silicone sealant


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