SlopeShield SA Self-Adhered


A fully self-adhered water resistive vapor permeable air barrier roof underlayment

  • Easy Vertical Slope Installation
  • Secondary Rain Barrier
  • Zero VOC's, (no off-gassing)
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Low Temperature Applications
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Tough, Durable, Tear Resistant
  • Cinches around fasteners
  • Contributes to LEED points
Patomac SlopeShieldSAThe Potomac Watershed Study Center marks one of five VaproShield construction projects seeking Living Building Challenge certification. All photos courtesy of TrueLook Webcams.
cropChesapeake Bay Foundation Brock Environmental Center 20140505 125713 960x618With zero VOC’s and no red list chemicals (hazardous chemicals as identified by the Living Building Challenge), WrapShield SA Self-Adhered and SlopeShield SA Self-Adhered are environmentally-sound additions to the Brock Environmental Center.


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Overview (PDF)

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Data Sheet (PDF)

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Specs (Doc)

Specs (PDF)

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SLOPESHIELD® is not to be used as a temporary roof covering during the construction period. SLOPESHIELD® can sustain long term UV exposure but is not intended to be the primary liquid water hold out barrier. Temporary protection measures such as tarps must be used when rain, snow/ice or storms exist or are anticipated.

Project Profiles using SlopeShield SA