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New AIA Course: Breaking Old Rules for Air-Barrier Installation

As buildings and what we demand of them have evolved, so has the technology for providing air, vapor, and water controls for the building envelope. This course will provide an overview of a sophisticated air barrier system using a self-adhered membrane that is not only highly effective, but also simple to apply with a minimum of surface preparation, and can be applied during cold or rainy conditions.


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Learn about:

  • Natural movement of air, heat and vapor into and out of a building and how that relates to energy savings, occupancy health and durability.
  • Performance and testing characteristics of breathable, self-adhering WRBs and air barriers that contribute to a durable and energy-saving building.
  • Different types of air-barrier technology for a durable building envelope.
  • History of building paper and weather-resistive barriers (WRBs). 
  • Several case studies where an innovative vapor-barrier system sped up construction, lowered costs, increased building envelope quality, and/or contributed to green building certification.

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Suitable vapor-permeable water-resistive-barrier and air-barrier membranes, roof underlayments, and flashing accessories can deliver high-performance enclosures for cross-laminated timber buildings.

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