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NEW! Non-Asphaltic Roofing Air Barrier

BlockShield SA Plus: Self-Adhered, Non-Asphaltic, Air, Water,
and Vapor Barrier Roof Underlayment

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NEW: Simple Stucco Rainscreen

Rainscreen SA: one step installation of an air barrier and rainscreen

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NEW: Optimized for Panelization

PanelShield SA: designed to withstand rigorous factory handling

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Building Envelope



In the recently published article “Self-Drying Roofs” the author states that “new air barrier products are now being deployed in assemblies to assist in drying out existing materials.” He goes on to reference the Tampa International Airport project which included “a self-adhered vapor-permeable air barrier layer to dry out existing insulation.” (Murphy Self-Drying Roofs pp. 14-28)

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Tampa International Airport Profile

We Care

We Care

About Your Team

Crew safety is always paramount, but in today's uncertain times ensuring your crew is not exposed to toxins is even more important. All VaproShield membranes have zero VOCs and do not require primer. They are safe to transport, handle and install.

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Earn and Learn


Virtual learning is our new normal and VaproShield is here to make it easy. We are holding a series of webinars featuring our AIA accredited presentations about rainscreen, roofing, mass timber. Join us when it fits your schedule.

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