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Many companies talk about a healthy home as a new idea.
At VaproShield, we’ve always been green, since our products were inspired by a
frog’s permeable breathable skin, we understand sustainability is more than just a buzzword.

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Unparalleled Moisture Protection for Your Home

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Windows Are The Most Vulnerable

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A new Texas home suffered extensive moisture damage - “the windows were suspected to be a contributing factor” typically due to “inadequate weather barrier and window detailing.”


Insufficient Drainage in the Wall Cavity

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An incorrectly installed stucco system caused massive deterioration and biological growth within 12 months.


Windows Require Proper Flashing

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Proper detailing around windows requires a shingle overlap and high performance waterproof flashing material. VaproShield offers a complete system of flashing materials.


Rainscreen Drainage Cavity

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By leaving a small air flow cavity behind the cladding, created by mesh or battens, residual water can drain away from your home. This is called rain screen design, a proven method to keep the wall cavity dry.

Home Owner Benefits

WrapShield SA

  • Reduce moisture-related problems (mold, mildew, rot) in wall cavities by allowing vapor and moisture to escape instead of being trapped in the wall/roof
  • Increase healthy airflow throughout the home helping to reduce allergens
  • Save energy by installing a continuous air barrier
    around the home (roof and walls)
  • Commercial-grade product (millions of square feet installed) with proven success in all climates and conditions

RevealShield SA

When homeowners opt for open-joint veneers, the exposure to sun and rain behind the joints is inevitable.

  • RevealShield SA offers all the advantages of WrapShield SA plus the added benefit of long term UV stability.

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Breathable and Air Tight

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Similar to Gore-Tex® WrapShield SA Self-Adhered stops air leakage and provides exceptional water holdout and breathability.

Healthy Home Exterior Wall Cavity Design

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