WrapShield RS Rain Screen


A mechanically attached, water resistive (WRB) vapor permeable air barrier (AB) membrane with built-in rain screen drainage matrix and integrated tape at the horizontal seams.

• One Step WRB/AB Rain Screen Cavity Installation
• Factory Installed Integrated Tape at Horizontal Seams
• Built-in 3mm, 7mm or 11mm Drainage Matrix Options
• Creates Unimpeded Vertical Drainage Plane Behind Cladding
• High Drying Capacity Allows Building Materials to Dry Out
• Installs as an Air Barrier Increasing Energy Efficiency
• Compatible with Multiple Veneers
• 3mm option offers minimalist rain screen cavity ideal for stucco
• All Season, All Weather Installation

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WrapShield RS Rain Screen is available in 3, 7, and 11mm options, creating a cost saving, instant rain screen cavity that works with conventional siding and windows. Factory installed integrated tape ensures proper shingle installation in all weather conditions. Close up detail of 3mm (green), 7mm (black), and 11mm (orange) WrapShield RS Rain Screen.


Complete Rain Screen and Flashing System

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