Rain Screen Components

Quick Overview

WrapShield RS Rain Screen is a WRB and air barrier plus built-in rain screen drainage matrix available in three depths: 3mm, 7mm, 11mm.  The 3mm option creates a cost effective, minimalist rain screen cavity ideal for stucco.

VaproMat, available in 3mm and 7mm depths, creates a positive drainage cavity behind claddings. Install VaproMat over our self-adhered vapor permeable WRB/Air Barrier membranes.

VaproShims SA Self-Adhered are a neoprene/EPDM 1”x4”x1/4” shim used under horizontal cladding attachments creating a vertical rain screen drainage plan and sealing fastener penetrations.

VaproBatten is a ½” deep x 5’, UV stable vinyl batten system creating moisture and air flow channels within the building envelope.