VaproBond™ is a single component 100% silicone adhesive sealant used to bind layers of VaproShield membranes to each other or typical construction material surfaces. It simplifies the process of producing watertight, airtight details.

  • Seals overlaps and penetrations
  • Creates durable, structural, air and moisture tight seal
  • Bonds to all VaproShield membranes
  • Flexible in extreme temperatures







  • No primer, easy to gun and apply, offering excellent weatherability
  • Binds layers of VaproShield membranes to each other and common building materials creating a watertight, airtight seal
  • Simplifies process of producing watertight, airtight details
  • Remains flexible and pliable in extreme temperatures
  • Service temperature range: -50° to 300° F (-45° to 149° C)
  • UV stable, black silicone-based adhesive sealant
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM-C- 920 type S, Grade NS, Class 25

Typical Uses

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Apply VaproBond at a minimum 3/8 “ bond line to the reverse lapped membrane. Use a DRY joint knife, trowel, or spatula to tool sealant.

A. Fully embed head flashing (by others) in VaproBond over Vapro-SS Flashing™.

B. Seal rough opening corners with a bead of VaproBond.


Overview (PDF)

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Data Sheet (PDF)

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