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Product Offering

RevealShield SA Self-Adhered is a black UV stable, highly vapor permeable Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) Air Barrier (AB) sheet membrane for open joint rain screen cladding systems.

RevealShieldSA instal 01Vertical Installation 
RevealShieldSA instal 03Multi Floor Vertical Overlap


Open Joint Application

  • Installs as a single layer WRB / AB black membrane system
  • Use with up to 2" wide open joint rain screen cladding
  • Extremely UV stable membrane with 20 year warranty
  • Uniquely suited for non-open joint cladding requiring advanced UV protection such as; perforated panels, reclaimed wood and special facades.

Building Envelope Protection

  • Resists bulk water infltration
  • Allows building materials to dry out
  • High drying capacity reduces the risk of damage from moisture infiltration, mold, mildew and rot

Cost Advantage

  • Reduces contractor liability by using fully tested VaproShield system: single source membranes, flashings and sealants
  • Installs in temperatures as low as 20°F (-6°C)
  • No costly delays due to primers

Phase Construction Friendly

  • Applicable for all climates
  • Non-directional horizontal or vertical installation
  • No special installation equipment required
  • Sustains 12 months (maximum) UV & Climate exposure prior to cladding installation.
  • Best practice recommendation is to cover RevealShield SA Self-Adhered with permanent cladding as soon as practical.

Substrate Information

  • The substrate condition is crucial to the adhesion performance of any adhesive membrane.
  • Substrates must be clean and free of any contaminants.
  • Substrate surface must be dry to the touch with the ambient temperature above 20°F.
  • RevealShield SA Self-Adhered can be applied to a wide variety of sheathing substrates:

GlasRoc • DensGlass Gold • Most rigid insulation • Pre-painted steel • Precast concrete • Concrete block • Plywood • Aluminum (painted or mill finish) • Cast-in-place concrete • Galvanized metal • Rigid vinyl • Steel • Anodized Aluminum

Energy Efficiency

  • Easily creates a continuous air barrier system and transitions when used with VaproShield accessories
  • Reduces energy consumption when used with VaproShield's Air Barrier Systems approach

Environmental Sustainability

  • Emits Zero VOC's; eliminating exposure to harmful and volatile chemicals
  • Contributes to LEED points in Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy & Atmosphere
RevealShieldSA instal 1D2E183Vertical Installation Horizontal Floor Line
RevealShieldSA instalHoriz 01Horizontal Installation

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