Rain Screen Components


VaproBatten is a UV stable, breathable vinyl batten system for rain screen applications. Its unique and innovative design is a direct replacement for pressure treated plywood furring or treated lumber battens.

Drying Capacity

Unique formed air cavity allows unobstructed air flow, increasing drying speed in the drainage plane reducing moisture damage caused by mold, mildew, rot and corrosion.

Durability and Cost Effectiveness

  • Ships in 5' lengths for easy ground shipping and installation.
  • Will not rot, eliminating repair costs and preventing moisture related damage within the drainage plane.
  • Eliminates the need for stainless steel fasteners.
  • Bull-nose edges prevent membrane tearing or ripping upon application.
  • Fasteners are installed directly through VaproBatten into the structural elements regardless of weather conditions.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Is 100% recyclable supporting green building design.
WS BattenHookStripEasily create a rain screen design with VaproShield membranes and VaproBatten System.
COR slopecut 032015 450VaproBatten can be installed over VaproShield membranes using conventional construction.


Batten Accessories: VaproVent Strips


VaproVent Strips are available in two types:

  • VaproVent L Strip
  • VaproVent Hook Strip 


VaproVent LStrip 021116cropsmall VaproVent HookStrip

VaproVent L Strips are attached to the top and bottom of VaproBattens.They prevent insect invasion and provide maximum ventilation.

VaproVent Hook Strips are used with VaproBattens as a starter strip for vinyl and beveled siding applications, in place of the VaproVent L Strip at the bottom of the assembly.

WS SolidCladding Batten Hook Exploded  
Close-up: WrapShield using Rain Screen Design Components: VaproBatten and VaproVent Hook Strip  


  • Creates unimpeded drainage plane in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Seals fastener penetrations/air and water tested ASTM E-331
  • Increased drying capacity
  • Zero VOCs
  • All weather application
  • Adds minimal thickness to wall assembly
  • No compatibility restrictions
  • Adds thermal break
  • UV resistant (open joint cladding option)




VaproShim SA™ Self-Adhered Neoprene/EPDM accessory used under horizontal or vertical cladding attachment components creates the desired vertical rain screen drainage plane for cladding, while sealing fastener penetrations. This simple design adds minimal cost while adding substantial drying capacity to the building envelope.

VaproShim SKP close crop 041117web

VaproShim SA Self-Adhered adhered to hat channel. When installed, VaproShim SA will seal fastener penetrations and create a vertical rain screen drainage plane, adding significant drying capacity to the building envelope.

VaproShim RainScreenCavity Illustration 122216 Universally compatible, simple design, VaproShim SA Self-Adhered creates a vertical rain screen drainage plane, increasing the building envelope drying capacity.

Overview (PDF)

VaproShimSA Overview 041117


VS 108 WrapShieldSA WindowToWallCommercial 041516

pdf Data Sheet (PDF) (1.36 MB)

WrapShield SA Self Adhered Product Data 111116 Page 1

pdf SDS (PDF) (151 KB)

wallshield msds Page 1

Submittal Library

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Technical Overview
Property Value
Material Neoprene / EPDM
Temperature Range -30° to 200°F (-34° to 93°C)
Durometer Hardness 80±5
Tensile Strength 750 PSI
Elongation 250°
Product Information
Color Availability Black
Sizes 1" width x 4" length x 1/4 " thick
1" width x 4" length x 1/8 " thick


Lightweight, hydrophobic polyester filter fabric with an attached polyproplene drainage matrix. Installed over VaproShield WRB/Air Barriers, it creates a positive drainage cavity behind cladding, promoting rapid drying of the building envelope.

  • Two depths: 3mm or 7mm
  • Ideal for use with stucco or cultured stone
  • Filter backing keeps drainage cavity clean during lath and plaster
  • Easily works with traditional cladding systems such as metal panels, composite panels, and wood siding
  • Increases building envelope drying capacity
  • 3mm recommended for use in arid climates requiring minimum drainage and where cavity depth is restricted due to design constraints
  • 7mm recommended for mixed climates and high humidity to maximize drainage and drying from liquid water and reverse vapor drive



Stucco and Manufactured Stone Veneer Applications

VaproMat System

VaproMat Testing

pdf Printer Friendly (1.72 MB) (PDF)

Property Standard/Test Result
Flamespread Index ASTM E-84 0 - Class A PASS
Smoke Developed Index ASTM E-84 100 - Class A PASS
Drainage Test ASTM E2273 Standard Test Method for Determining the Drainage Efficiency ofASTM E2273 Standard Test Method for Determining the Drainage Efficiency ofExterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Clad Wall Assemblies PASS



Overview (PDF)

VaproMat Overview 030817

pdf Data Sheet (PDF) (1.72 MB)

WrapShield SA Self Adhered Product Data 111116 Page 1


VS 127 VaproMat Stucco Plywood 042216


WrapSA Install Instuctions 011017 Page 1

pdf SDS (PDF) (229 KB)

wallshield msds Page 1 

Submittal Library

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