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Approvals and Testing

Tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC 38 criteria to meet IBC and IRC requirements for Weather Resistive Barriers.

Roll Length   164 ft. (50 m)
Roll Width   59 in. (1.5 m)
Nominal Thickness Calibrated Deadweight Micrometer 17.6 mil (0.446 mm)
Basis Weight Electronic Weigh Scale 6.34 oz/yd2  (310 g/m2) - averaged
Roll Weight   54 lbs (24.5 kg)
Application Temperature   No Restrictions
Service Temperature   -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C)
Water Resistance AATCC 127 PASS (22 in. head of water - 5 hrs)
Air Permeance of Building Materials ASTM E2178 PASS 
<0.0033 cfm/ft2 @ 1.57 psf
(0.0017 L/s m2 @ 75 PA)
Water Vapor Transmission (WVT) ASTM E398 (73.4°F 23°C 50%RH) Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Sheet Materials Using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement 73.97 Perms, 511.93 g/m2 24h WVT
Water Vapor Transmission/Permeance ASTM E96 B (75°F 23.9°C 50%RH) Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials (wet method)

97.6 Perms
669.6 g/m2 24h WVT

UV Stability AC38, Section 4.1.2 UV Stable
Dry Tensile Strength ASTM D828

MD 39 lb/inch (6.83 N/mm)
CD 21.3 lb/inch (3.73 N/mm)

Breaking Strength/Elongation ASTM D5034

MD 126 lbf (560 N)
CD 87.7 lbf (390 N)

Flame Spread ASTM E84 10 - Class A, PASS
Smoke Developed Index ASTM E84 135 - Class A, PASS
NFPA 285 Assembly Fire Test Contact VaproShield Technical Team 1-866-731-7663 opt. 5

Tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC 38 criteria to meet IBC and IRC requirements for Weather Resistive Barriers.

*ASTM E 96 - Method B (wet cup method) typically gives a more realistic result for permeance for highly permeable products than does the Method A (dry cup/desiccant method).

**Contact VaproShield Technical Team to learn more about NFPA compliance and testing.

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