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Product Offering

RevealShield IT Integrated Tape: black, UV stable, mechanically attached WRB and air barrier. 

hagen 170818 0138webcropEasily create the necessary shingled effect hagen 170818 0147webcrop 2Tape seals horizontal seams in all weather conditions hagen 170818 0162webcropEliminates water concerns at horizontal joints

Open Joint Applications

  • Install a single layer of REVEALSHIELDIT Water Resistive Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Membrane to create the desired black open joint.
  • Enhanced design opportunities with open joints up to 2" wide with a maximum of 40% total open wall area.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Single layer material application and integrated tape at horizontal seams reduces installation time and material expense. 
  • Tear, rip and puncture resistant during and after construction, reducing the need for repairs and additional labor costs.

Air Barrier System

  • Meets all relevant international and local code requirements pertaining to Air Barrier Membranes.
  • Creating an air barrier behind open joint cladding is greatly simplified by REVEALSHIELDIT's Integrated Tape at horizontal seams.

Drying Capacity

  • Allows building materials to dry out while keeping bulk water from infiltrating the building envelope.
  • Helps to maintain conditions to counteract mold and mildew growth, promoting healthy buildings and clean indoor air quality.

Durability and Performance

  • Withstands extreme weather conditions. The Integrated Tape allows installation in a wide range of weather conditions from below freezing to extremely hot temperatures.
  • Sustains 180 days UV and climate exposure, prior to cladding installation.

Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

  • Contributes to LEED points in Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy & Atmosphere.
  • Combined with an overall energy efficiency strategy, VaproShield's Air Barrier Systems can help to reduce energy consumption.

 For a complete set of installation instructions Click Here.

Printer Friendly pdf English (1.51 MB)  / Español / Français (PDF)