Wood Substrates

Weatherproof, WRB/Air Barrier Protection for Durable, Sustainable Wood Substrates

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WrapShield SA Self-Adhered water resistive (WRB), vapor permeable air barrier sheet membrane offers exceptionally high drying capacity, helping to dry-out moisture laden wood substrates. 

  • Ideally suited for wood substrates, easy to apply with snap fit construction, ability to reposition within 30 minutes, 100% self-adhered membrane requires no primer.
  • Provides weatherproofing and protection for CLT (cross laminated timber) panels during construction.
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Air tight and breathable just like a frog’s skin, delivering
energy savings and building envelope protection

Offers Class A fire protection in both flame spread and
smoke developed indices


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High drying capacity, drastically reduces incidence of mold, mildew and wood rot especially around rough openings