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Product Offering

WallShield Mechanically Attached, Water Resistive, Vapor Permeable Membrane, is now ENHANCED with Integrated Tape

Tape releasepapers 1webaEasily create the necessary shingled effect with integrated tape that seals horizontal seams in all weather conditions.
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Eliminate water concerns at horizontal joints with WallShield IT Integrated Tape.


Superior Building Envelope Protection

  • Cutting-edge drying capacity (permeability, 142 perms) reduces risk of long-term damage from moisture infiltration, mold, mildew and rot
  • Install on wet sheathings allowing saturated substrates to dry-out
  • Resists bulk water infiltration

Horizontal Integrated Tape and Cost Effectiveness

  • Reduce installation time, lower material expenses and limit tape failures with integrated tape at the horizontal seams
  • Increase accuracy of required 6” shingled overlap, ensuring water tight joinery, by lining upper membrane to lower membrane with pre-marked lap template
  • Installs quickly and easily, mechanically attaching with VaproCaps to plywood, OSB and gypsum sheathing, rigid insulation, concrete block and pour-in-place concrete
  • Reduces contractor liability by using fully tested VaproShield system: single source membranes, flashings and sealants
  • Long-term durability with standard 20 year material warranty

Phase Construction Friendly

  • Install in all climates and weather conditions
  • No special installation equipment required, use common hand tools
  • Tear, rip and puncture resistant during and after construction, reducing repairs
  • Sustains six (6) months of UV and climate exposure

Environmental Sustainability

  • Contributes to LEED points in Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy & Atmosphere
  • Is 100% recyclable

Rough Opening Flashing
Fast and efficient rough opening flashing uses VaproShield accessories specifically designed and tested to work together, making field training and installation easy.

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Physical Properties


Green (top), White (back)


0.56 mm (22 mil)

Membrane Weight 191.4 g/m2 (0.627 oz/ft2)
Roll Weight 34 lbs (15 kg)
Roll Dimensions 59” x 164’ (1.5m x 50m)
Roll Coverage 807 sq. ft. (75 sq. m.)
Skid 20 Rolls
VOCs None
Ultra-Violet Light Exposure 180 days maximum

Testing Data

Dry Tensile Strength ASTM D882 Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting

MD - 6 N/mm (34 lb/in)
XMD - 4 N/mm (23 lb/in)

Dry Breaking Force (Grab method)
MD ≥40 XMD ≥35
ASTM D5034 Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile
Fabrics (Grab Test)

MD – 423 N (95 lbf)
XMD – 344 N (77 lbf)

Cold Mandrel Bend Test

AC38 Section 3.3.4

MD – no cracks PASS
XCD – no cracks PASS
Water Vapor Transmittance
Water Vapor Transmission
Desiccant Method
24.4°C (76.0°F) 50 %RH
ASTM E96 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials 82 Perm (grain/h•ft2•inchHg)
4692 ng/Pa•s•m2
Water Vapor Transmission
Water Method
24.4°C (76.0°F) 50 %RH
ASTM E96 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials 123 Perm (grains/hr•ft2•inchHg)
7037 ng/Pa•s•m2
Water Vapor Transmission
Dynamic Relative Humidity
Measurement (23°C 50 %RH)
ASTM E398 Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Sheet Materials
Using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement
161 Perm (grain/h•ft2•inchHg)
9211 ng/Pa•s•m2
Water Resistance Testing
Water Resistance
(Control after Weathering)
AATCC 127 Hydrostatic pressure test (550 mm water column for 5 hours), American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists Control - No leakage
Weathered - No Leakage
Fire Testing
Flame Spread
Smoke Developed
ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials Flame Spread 5
Smoke Developed 70