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Superior All-In-One Protection

Your Home's Worst Enemy: Moisture Infiltration

Windows Are The Most Vulnerable

In 2016 a new Texas home suffered extensive moisture damage prior to occupancy - “the windows were suspected to be a contributing factor,” notes the remediation consultant, typically due to “inadequate weather barrier and window detailing.”

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Insufficient Drainage In The Wall Cavity

The stucco system on this $4 million home failed to have casing beads, sweeps, control joints, corner trims, drips, flashings, and a bond break resulting in massive deterioration and biological growth within 12 months.

All-In-One Protection

VaproShield’s water resistive barriers protect the wall cavity from moisture infiltration and breathe, allowing moisture to escape.

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Your Wall Cavity Deserves The BEST Protection

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Proven Success

Residential Michigan web

WrapShield RS Rain Screen is protecting the wall cavity under stone and siding

Residential Halifax web

WrapShield IT was applied over rigid insulation and OSB, blocking air and controlling moisture infiltration.

Residential Jacksonville web

The contractor opted for a VaproShield solution. He noted a traditional liquid-applied WRB is difficult to install with constant airborne contaminants on the beach. 

Residential Avon web

Workers were able to continue construction during the winter months, installing both RevealShield SA and WrapShield SA Self-Adhered.

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VaproBond is a single component 100% silicone sealant designed to function as an adhesive sealant and an all-weather silicone liquid flashing material.


VaproBond is appropriate for above-grade applications to concrete, masonry, natural stone, structural sheathing, architectural metal panels, painted metals, glass, PVC, FRP, EPDM, all VaproShield WRB/Air Barrier membranes, and most other building materials.


  • Approved for use as a flashing material with metal framing systems. Not recommended for wood applications. VaproShield recommends VaproLiqui-Flash™ with wood applications.
  • Usable over a wide temperature range. -50 ° to 300 °F (-45° to 149 °C)
  • Cured service temperatures: -50 ° to 300 °F (-45° to 149 °C)
  • Excellent weatherability, UV stable for extended exposure
  • Remains flexible under extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with an extensive list of materials from various manufacturers, view list here.


VaproBond is available in 20 fl oz (592 g/ml) sausages

Sealant Flashing

¼” (6 mm) bead will adhere 125 ft. (38 m) of overlapping membrane

30-45 wet mils (0.76 – 1.14 mm) covers 6-8 ft2 (0.56-0.74 m2) Not recommended for wood applications.


  • Apply using a professional caulking gun.
  • Use a DRY joint knife, trowel, or spatula to spread.
  • Do not use soapy water or alcohol when tooling or spreading.


  • Store VaproBond unopened sausages at temperatures lower than 80 °F (27 °C).
  • Do not open sausage until preparation work has been completed.
  • Do not alter or mix with other chemicals.
  • When stored at or below 80 °F (27 °C) VaproBond has a shelf life of 12 months after the date of manufacture.
  • Do not double stack pallets.
  • Dispose of unused product and container in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.


  • Immediately remove all excess VaproBond in undesired areas with mineral spirits.
  • Clean tools and equipment with mineral spirits or similar solvent immediately after use.
  • Observe all manufacture’s safety precautions.
  • Remove cured VaproBond using a sharp-edged tool.
1  2

1. Install WrapFlashing SA Self-Adhered into sill with 2.75” folded into Rough Opening (R.O.) 9” left on face, with bottom 6” of release film to remain attached.

2. Install jamb pieces with 2.75” folded into R.O. 9” to be left on face. 
 3  VaproBond Flashing Installation 1 install
3. Install head piece with 2.75” folded into R.O. 9” to be left on face. Roll all WrapFlashing SA (orange) sections with weighted roller to ensure full contact.

4. Using the sausage gun, apply VaproBond in a zigzag pattern on the wall face surrounding the rough opening.

 VaproBond Flashing Installation 2 installation  VaproBond Flashing Installation 3 install
5. Immediately spread the applied material with a putty knife creating a 1” (25 mm) border around the rough opening.

6. Apply additional VaproBond in zigzag pattern on all inner surfaces of the rough opening.

VaproBond Flashing Installation 4 install VaproBond Flashing Installation 5 install

7. Immediately spread until all surfaces are completely covered and substrate below is no longer visible (approximately 30-45 wet mils (0.76-1.14mm)).

8. Allow VaproBond to set, then inspect for voids and apply additional VaproBond as needed to achieve complete coverage. RO is now ready for window and head flashing installation (by others).

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*Roll all WrapFlashing SA (orange) sections with weighted roller to ensure full contact.

Sealant Between Membrane

VaproBond Sealing Installation 1

Overlap vertical seams by 12” (305 mm) minimum. Apply VaproBond adhesive sealant bead just below Integrated Tape line at the vertical seam joint.


Use hand roller to seal the seam for an air and water tight seal.

Tear and Abrasion Repair

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Typical installation tears or abrasions Remove excess membrane from tear until smooth with substrate. Cut and apply a patch of self-adhered field membrane or VaproFlashing SA Self-Adhered, remove release film, smooth over with hand pressure.
IMG 0012web IMG 0018web IMG 0027web
Use hand roller to ensure complete adhesion. Abrasion Repair: apply VaproBond over abrasion and tool with a DRY joint knife, trowel or spatula. Hole Patch Repair: seal the reverse lap (at top) with VaproBond to ensure a water and air tight seal.
Reverse Lap Sealant
Bond INstall 1 Bond INstall 2
Apply 3/8” (9.5mm) minimum bead line of VaproBond to the reverse lapped membrane. Use a DRY joint knife or trowel to tool VaproBond to shed water.
Other Typical Sealant Uses
Bond INstall 3 Bond INstall 4
Head flashing sealant Sealing VaproSilicone Transition Materials
Bond INstall 5 Bond INstall 6
Penetration Sealant Interior Air Seal
Bond INstall 7 Bond INstall 8
Outward Floorline Movement Joint Inward Floorline Movement Joint

Highly Advanced Roofing Underlayment

SlopeShield Plus Self-Adhered (SA) vapor permeable roofing underlayment is designed for use on steep slope roofs of 2:12 or gather pitch. The revolutionary roofing underlayment features the patent-pending Vapor Permeable Polymer Composite Technology (VPPCT™). The exclusive VPPCT process creates a new class of roofing underlayment capable of being watertight and vapor permeable.

VPPCT Gold Badge

SlopeShield Plus SA is engineered with an advanced patent-pending combination of polymer coatings and adhesive technology making it both watertight and vapor permeable.

New Material Advancement

VaproShield’s new roofing underlayment, SlopeShield® Plus Self-Adhered (SA) represents a significant advancement in performance over the previous polypropylene-based version of SlopeShield and similar competitive products.

SlopeShield Plus SA is engineered with VaproShield’s patent pending Vapor Permeable Polymer Composite Technology (VPPCT™). VPPCT™ is an advanced combination of polymer coatings and adhesive technology developed by VaproShield Research and Development to create a new class of roofing underlayment capable of being: 

  • Watertight
  • Vapor permeable, promoting long term drying of the roofing assembly through vapor diffusion
  • Tough and slip resistant
  • Foot traffic friendly
  • 180 days exposure prior to roof system installation

TraditionalPeelStick 2 101819

Traditional roof underlayments can trap moisture, degrading insulation performance and even simulating a leaking roof due to excessive condensation accumulation.

VPPCT Diagram 2 101819

SlopeShield Plus SA is both air tight and vapor permeable allowingSlopeShield Plus SA is both air tight and vapor permeable allowingthe roof assembly to perform to its maximum life span.

Roof Assembly Needs to Breathe

By designing a roof assembly that incorporates a vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier underlayment, moisture issues from interior vapor drive and construction moisture can be mitigated allowing the roof to perform, as designed, to its maximum life span.

With its high level of permeability SlopeShield Plus SA is the answer to condensation issues that frequently occur in metal roofing applications using vapor barrier underlayments.


Installation in Less than Ideal Conditions

Installation crews can install SlopeShield Plus SA in less than ideal weather conditions. The surface must be dry-to-the-touch, but moisture content of the underlying materials can be high because the high drying capacity of
SlopeShield Plus SA allows moisture to dry through the process of diffusion, which occurs in the absence of any airflow. SlopeShield Plus SA can be installed in below freezing temperatures and sustains up to 180 days of UV and climate exposure prior to roof system installation.

VPPCT Durability 2 101819

Black Coloration Intentional

The dull black color of SlopeShield Plus SA absorbs heat from the sun while exposed, accelerating the drying process of wet sheathing and insulation
components below.

Innovative Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

SlopeShield Plus SA utilizes VaproShield’s exclusive pressure-sensitive vapor permeable adhesive technology. The adhesive has been proven to stick to almost all popular building substrates—performing in harsh conditions from hurricanes to sub-zero temperatures in Nome, Alaska.

Air Barrier Continuity and High Drying Capacity

With SlopeShield Plus SA properly connected to VaproShield’s WRB/AB wall membranes, a truly airtight and watertight building enclosure with high drying capacity can be achieved.

Complete Roof and Wall Water Resistant, Vapor-Permeable Air Barrier System

Combine SlopeShield Plus SA and VaproShield's WRB/Air Barrier membranes to create an airtight, watertight, BREATHABLE building enclosure; mitigating moisture damage and saving energy for the life of the building.
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