VaproMat is installed over WrapShield SA Self-Adhered WRB/Air Barrier sheet membrane providing a cost effective, positive drainage cavity behind cementitious claddings that traditionally have not incorporated a rain screen cavity.


  • Creates positive drainage cavity behind cladding
  • Ideal for use with stucco or cultured stone
  • Filter backing keeps drainage cavity clean during lath and plaster
  • Easily works with traditional cladding systems
  • Two depths: 3mm or 7mm
  • Increases building envelope drying capacity



Stucco and Manufactured Stone Veneer Applications
VaproMat Stucco Diagram 070715small Install VaproMat during the lathing process. Use lathing fasteners to hold VaproMat.  All lathing components must be installed proud of the VaproMat material.
VaproMat Stone Diagram 070715small VaproMat’s lightweight filter fabric is designed to keep the drainage cavity clean and unobstructed during the lath/plaster, or adhesive mortar installation. VaproMat promotes rapid drying along with stability to the polypropylene matrix.